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Rach said she doesnt care what we post. So heres

Start posting, bitches.
Oh my god, oh my god.
I wish i had some one to tell me i was amazing. I wish i had someone to tell my friends that I'm amazing so they can tell me that they said I'm amazing. But it's not like I'm even joking around. I want someone to actually like me, and actually think i'm amazing. Why am i not amazing, guys. why. I don't get it. Everyone else seems to be happy, and I'm constantly the one making them happy. It makes me happy to an extent.
But other than that i get sad because have no one to tell me I'm amazing except for myself.Oh well.
Oh my god, today at the mall, i saw the most awesomest dress in the entire world like you don't even know. It was white and black and so so amazing.
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